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Bali Lombok Gili Trawangan

paket wisata lombok Bali Lombok Gili Trawangan - PARTY PARTY PARTY !! Author: Pearls Lombok tour lombok Tourist attractions Bali Lombok does not lose much good as in Bali, Lombok Between bali almost have similarities of attractions. And foreign tourists flocked to come visit the tourist attractions of Bali Lombok.paket wisata lombok Lombok island of Bali Lombok Island is known to have many beautiful beaches as a tourist destination that has spread throughout territory, ranging from the West, east, north to south. But of the many beaches there in Lombok, there are some beaches that have exceeded other beauty and your obligatory visit while on vacation there. What are the beaches - beautiful beaches in the Lombok? paket tour lombok This is her beauty: KUTA beach could say this beach is the most famous in South Lombok. Accommodation, restaurants and cafes can be found lined along the coast. Although not seramai most famous beach in Bali's Kuta Beach Lombok quieter, calmer, and more cleanly. Coupled with pale white sand and blue water greenery, make this beach very suitable for swimming, sunbathing, and the Most of all, enjoy the beauty of the sunrise. On this beach, you also get to watch Bau tradition Nyale held between February and March. mutiara lombok Not far from Kuta beach, there is a more beautiful beach called Tanjung Aan. Way pelafalannya enough with "Cape An" only. One of the privileges of Tanjung Aan Beach is a type of sand, there is smooth and there are rough like pepper. Besides beaches beautiful and quiet, at the left end of the beach there is also a unique stone which is often called the Stone Umbrella.harga mutiara Umbrella Stone Named because it resembles an umbrella when seen from certain angles. Because of its beauty, this stone is often used as a shooting location pre wedding and filming locations. Unfortunately, you have to get ready to ride less convenient to get to this beach. mutiara lombok Selong Belanak is one spot Lombok travel packages already widely known foreign tourists. The sand is fine to be a plus in Turkish Selong Belanak. Compared to the previous beaches, in Selong Belanak you can find some stalls, vending snacks, public facilities even lodging accommodations. If you have more budget, stay in Sempiah Villa is located on a hilltop. The scenery here very amazing, perfect for those who are participating via the Lombok honeymoon package Bali Lombok Gili Trawangan Marlion Tours. harga mutiara Those are some beautiful beaches in Lombok which should not be missed when you are on vacation to the island Lombok. Oh yes, I deliberately did not memasukkaan Senggigi beach because it was too mainstream. Because personally, I prefer the tourist spots, especially the beach which is not too crowded with visitors that beauty can be enjoyed Hehe, How about you? Want to come? paket wisata lombok Related Articles Bali Lombok: Lombok Property

Komodo tours

paket wisata lombok Komodo tours become the choice for you like a traveler, you never look in the calendar and looking for red dates? Hahahahah ..I wonder if you could do it and say that it is normal. OK! After you, the traveler find red dates, then what you do next, surely you tour lombok instantly making planning or usual referred to plans for a vacation. sebernya in PACKAGE TOUR LOMBOK too many choices all of you who want to vacation in Lombok or komodo this tour, later in the article My next will be a lot to discuss Go where? By what? With whom? How long are there? Of course questions paket wisata lombok that is a very relevant question. However, there are more important questions. What that? Plans heck is okay, but the money would also have an important role. As a traveler, of course Do we want to travel to beautiful places with a minimal budget. Never far, our country rich in this island has many places of destination that are not less interesting with sights abroad. This island is an island has many ancient animal that resembles a giant lizard. Yes, just once .. Komodo tours! paket tour lombok Well, this time we explore together yuk illustration of a trip or vacation to the island of Komodo tour that is not too 'throttled' alias expensive. there are many options to do komodo tours available on the internet at the same time check LOMBOK TOUR PACKAGES. For travel expenses alone something like this. Rental boats 2D / 1N Rp 1,750,000 is included dinner, breakfast and lunch plus snack.mutiara lombok The ship that you use are quite comfortable, there one small room with a cotton mattress, bathroom, drink of mineral water and soda always available, food is plentiful, full snorkel equipment. Furthermore, do not forget to buy entrance tickets to Komodo National Park tours. Want to visit the Komodo tours? there are many options LOMBOK PACKAGE you know, hurry !! harga mutiara Related article: Lombok property

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Nyongkolan In Lombok

Nyongkolan In Lombok Nyongkolan In Lombok is a traditional activity that accompanies a series of events in the marriage procession on sasak in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. These activities form the procession of the bride groom's home to the bride's house, accompanied by his family and relatives of the groom, wearing traditional clothing, as well as music group or a group that can gamelan musicians tambourine, or drum accompanied beleq the nobility. In practice, because of the distance, the procession is not carried out literally, but usually the group began to walk a distance of 1 to 0.5 km from the bride's house. The purpose of this procession is to introduce them to the public for the couple, especially the relatives and the society in which bride stayed, because usually a whole series of weddings held at the groom. Most participants in this procession usually carry some objects such as crops, vegetables and fruits that will bibagikan on relatives and neighbors bride later. At the nobility order line motorcade and carrying objects that have certain rules. until now Nyongkolan still can be found in Lombok, a convoy of interesting people to watch because the drum sounds are usually held after dhuhur at the weekend. if you are traveling between cities do Lombok, then be prepared to face incidental congestion due Nyongkolan In Lombok who can you meet along the way, if in the end-week many weddings held and sometimes impede traffic. Related Articles: Lombok Property

Woven fabrics Sade village

paket wisata lombok Woven fabrics Sadee village in the village Sukerare is songket weaving craft-producing village Lombok famous. The location is outside lane country road, Jonggot sub-district, Central Lombok. The journey to this village can be reached by public transport from Bertais to Praya and down when approaching until at PUYUNG. Can then proceed with the services of motorcycles to Sukarara. TempatTenunan Sade village is located approximately 25 km from the city of Mataram. Recommended, when a visit to the village of Sade's Fabrics should use a personal vehicle or rental, public transport is rarely given to encountered. tour lombok As it was known in advance that Sukarara songket is the largest production centers in Lombok. Case This has become part of the commodity to explore the overseas market. Songket a woven fabric which is made by adding the weft with ornaments of gold-colored synthetic yarn, silver, and other colors. The decoration was inserted between the warp threads. paket wisata lombok On arrival at Sukarara, visitors will be greeted by women dressed indigenous Sasak. They readily demonstrate their skills in weaving. Some stores are usually present the spectacle techniques of weaving songket, it can immediately be seen by the visitors. These techniques are traditional techniques Simple is still done by craftsmen, ranging from processing threads (using weights that playing around with the fingers, the weights shaped like a top made of wood), to be a piece of colorful cloth. Interested visitors can also participate in trying to weave as women sasak it. paket tour lombok Woven fabrics Sukerare Sade village is used as part of traditional clothing Sasak tribe named Shirts Stomach (female clothes), clothes typical traditional Lombok with plain black motif with diverse variations subordinates, usually in the form of scarves, belts or other accessories. As for the men usually use as a subordinate songket (traditional dresses couple Tegodek Nongkeq) are arranged so that the beautiful to look at. and look at the picture below, very beautiful clothes right when Kain Songket hull combined with this? mutiara lombok Songket average Sukerare done at home (home industry). Almost every house has its own loom. However, the profession weavers only acted by the women alone, sedangkanpara man worked as a farmer in the fields. There is a unique tradition associated songket, women who want to marry are obliged to provide the woven fabric of its own to the couple. harga mutiara Apabilabelum able to make songket, it is not allowed to marry. However, when the desperate wish to marry well, women will be fined. Fines can be in cash or in rice yields. Motif-Motive Sade Village Fabrics Woven In Sukerare Sade village offered is diverse, including chicken motif, flower motif eight, four flower motif, motif begambar gecko is a symbol of good luck, which is horizontal pakerot motif, motif trudak colored violet, and much more. mutiara lombok Each motif has its own meaning. To weave a fabric Songket is required at least one week for a simple motive. The more complicated the longer the motive required, can be up to many months. One cloth is sold from 300an thousand to 2 million. Quite expensive indeed, but given the material, motifs, and the process time, the price is quite reasonable. There are sizes ranging from children to adults. Sukarara village also produces weaving. harga mutiara Ikat very simple material that is made of cotton. Production time does not take a long time, just one day can weavers ikat completing 3 meters. Prices also vary depending ikat fabric dye, if it is made from the chemical dye is priced from 100,000 price of late, while the fabric made from natural dyes then the price pegged the range of 150,000-an. paket wisata lombok Fabrics for price Sade village also varies according to the size, complexity, and materials worn raw. The cheapest price found 50,000 small for the size of a tablecloth, while for shawls, scarves, and headbands can be priced at around Rp. 100,000. Woven fabrics combined with gold thread could be worth around Rp.1,5 millions to Rp.2,5 millions. The hardest thing of weaving the fabric of this is to determine the motive at the beginning, because that is invisible to the eye at her loom just thread, yarn, and thread, and the thread again but when woven cloth can be patterned and colorful. lombok tour

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#camping on #lombok #island #indonesia

Lombok camping - writer team: paket wisata lombok and also lombok property with totally support by les privat mataram and les privat denpasar bali ; Travel provides tour package lombok island in this beloved country there are many tourism beautiful and wonderful. High tourists travel Lombok each year is growing fast in the last few decades. As we all know. Thus Counter Lombok is not far to visit tour on the island of Bali. its proper place uncircled numbers are by seas makes counter favorite tourism objects Lombok as tourists who want to enjoy the beauty sea and its natural resources.(data : mutiara lombok and harga mutiara including paket wisata lombok and lombok tour with social media on mutiara lombok videos with harga mutiara) On the travel Lombok is there are many places tour lombok are available that is no less beautiful to that which is in other places. Starting with the history and indigenous peoples, the atmosphere of its vast natural resources and green alamai,mountains, islands on small,waterfall etc. For you who want to make travel Lombok or visit holiday,this time I will give tips when doing counter Lombok.(data : paket wisata lombok and tour lombok also paket wisata lombok and paket tour lombok can found with mutiara lombok will inform you about harga mutiara) Travel Lombok are high-quality and reliable Tips from Marlion Tour travel for you can diterapkn tourists who want to holiday : planned schedule tour with mature,such as seek info as much as- many via the internet or through your friends who are coming before it was time you engga many wasted. rent a car for you are in Lombok (look cheap) that if you their vacation ber group, or if you don't tourism itself can be (urban transportation also use chainsaw) or cidomo cash-money is brought on the wallet,to be observed on guard just who know there are other needs so that ga long took in bank siapin also sunblock,we combine for example you visit, however because in Lombok many pantai indah but for fun day wih Heat heat,but needs to remember also sunblock only reduce or protect them from kegosongan or irritation akiat sun rays. If you want to tour Lombok I must endure heat also. (data: perhiasan mutiara can you detect on jual mutiara and mutiara lombok videos with harga mutiara) Counter Lombok is many provides many places and tourist destination so what are you waiting for your,for you who want to visit counter Lombok just come disni also many available tour package Lombok. welcome holiday articles Related to : Lombok Property map lombok map Tour packages to Lombok senggigi seashore beach lombok Marlion tours travels is the most reliable travel agent in Lombok