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Bali Lombok Gili Trawangan

paket wisata lombok Bali Lombok Gili Trawangan - PARTY PARTY PARTY !! Author: Pearls Lombok tour lombok Tourist attractions Bali Lombok does not lose much good as in Bali, Lombok Between bali almost have similarities of attractions. And foreign tourists flocked to come visit the tourist attractions of Bali Lombok.paket wisata lombok Lombok island of Bali Lombok Island is known to have many beautiful beaches as a tourist destination that has spread throughout territory, ranging from the West, east, north to south. But of the many beaches there in Lombok, there are some beaches that have exceeded other beauty and your obligatory visit while on vacation there. What are the beaches - beautiful beaches in the Lombok? paket tour lombok This is her beauty: KUTA beach could say this beach is the most famous in South Lombok. Accommodation, restaurants and cafes can be found lined along the coast. Although not seramai most famous beach in Bali's Kuta Beach Lombok quieter, calmer, and more cleanly. Coupled with pale white sand and blue water greenery, make this beach very suitable for swimming, sunbathing, and the Most of all, enjoy the beauty of the sunrise. On this beach, you also get to watch Bau tradition Nyale held between February and March. mutiara lombok Not far from Kuta beach, there is a more beautiful beach called Tanjung Aan. Way pelafalannya enough with "Cape An" only. One of the privileges of Tanjung Aan Beach is a type of sand, there is smooth and there are rough like pepper. Besides beaches beautiful and quiet, at the left end of the beach there is also a unique stone which is often called the Stone Umbrella.harga mutiara Umbrella Stone Named because it resembles an umbrella when seen from certain angles. Because of its beauty, this stone is often used as a shooting location pre wedding and filming locations. Unfortunately, you have to get ready to ride less convenient to get to this beach. mutiara lombok Selong Belanak is one spot Lombok travel packages already widely known foreign tourists. The sand is fine to be a plus in Turkish Selong Belanak. Compared to the previous beaches, in Selong Belanak you can find some stalls, vending snacks, public facilities even lodging accommodations. If you have more budget, stay in Sempiah Villa is located on a hilltop. The scenery here very amazing, perfect for those who are participating via the Lombok honeymoon package Bali Lombok Gili Trawangan Marlion Tours. harga mutiara Those are some beautiful beaches in Lombok which should not be missed when you are on vacation to the island Lombok. Oh yes, I deliberately did not memasukkaan Senggigi beach because it was too mainstream. Because personally, I prefer the tourist spots, especially the beach which is not too crowded with visitors that beauty can be enjoyed Hehe, How about you? Want to come? paket wisata lombok Related Articles Bali Lombok: Lombok Property

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