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Nyongkolan In Lombok

Nyongkolan In Lombok Nyongkolan In Lombok is a traditional activity that accompanies a series of events in the marriage procession on sasak in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. These activities form the procession of the bride groom's home to the bride's house, accompanied by his family and relatives of the groom, wearing traditional clothing, as well as music group or a group that can gamelan musicians tambourine, or drum accompanied beleq the nobility. In practice, because of the distance, the procession is not carried out literally, but usually the group began to walk a distance of 1 to 0.5 km from the bride's house. The purpose of this procession is to introduce them to the public for the couple, especially the relatives and the society in which bride stayed, because usually a whole series of weddings held at the groom. Most participants in this procession usually carry some objects such as crops, vegetables and fruits that will bibagikan on relatives and neighbors bride later. At the nobility order line motorcade and carrying objects that have certain rules. until now Nyongkolan still can be found in Lombok, a convoy of interesting people to watch because the drum sounds are usually held after dhuhur at the weekend. if you are traveling between cities do Lombok, then be prepared to face incidental congestion due Nyongkolan In Lombok who can you meet along the way, if in the end-week many weddings held and sometimes impede traffic. Related Articles: Lombok Property

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